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Dear business builder,

Lemme guess, you’re looking for new ways to get more customers?

And you’re thinking “If only I could get more traffic to my website”.

More eyeballs on my offers.

Ok look, imma shoot you straight….

Most people don’t have a traffic problem.

They have a conversion problem.

You see, there is no shortage of traffic online.

There are 2.8 billion Facebook users…

Ok look, imma shoot you straight….
And 40,000 search queries every single second on Google!

Walk with me…

There’s literally more traffic online than you could possibly handle.

Enough to melt your web servers and send your developers into a catatonic state of shock.

So what’s the problem?

Why are so many businesses struggling to get enough leads and sales?

Well, buckle up bizzsnaps because I’m about to blow your umbilicus clean off.

Well… SEO is making a huge come back!

Here we go!

The real issue isn’t getting traffic.

Because, just like you go to the supermarket to buy groceries…

You can also go to the ‘traffic supermarket’ i.e. Google and Facebook.

And buy as much traffic as you want!

So the issue isn’t traffic.

The REAL issue is….getting that traffic to convert at a rate that’s profitable.

In other words…

Being able to ring the cash register in high enough volumes, and with fat enough margins to make a profit on that traffic.

Comprende? Good.

Let’s move on.

You see…

Most People Shoot The Messenger When They Should Be Making Love To Them!

They blame Google and Facebook for the ever rising cost per click.

They blame ‘em that every time they launch a campaign it burns a hole in their bank account.

But look, it ain’t Zucks or the big G that sets the price…

It’s your competition. Your market.

So instead of complaining about what you can’t control – you gotta focus on what you can.

And the thing you can control is…

The rate at which you CONVERT that traffic into leads, customers and clients.

Alright. Don’t worry, It’s okay.

There’s a solution to all this madness.

Here it is: there is no solution.

Calm down, jeez! I’m just kiddin’.

Relax. I’mma tell you.

The answer is actually far simpler, and far less costly than one would expect.

I mean it doesn’t involve paying some traffic genius $10,000s of dollars to unlock some ‘hidden’ and secret setting inside your ad accounts.

It doesn’t involve some ‘loophole’ or ‘hack’.

It doesn’t involve hiring a hitman named Vladimir to take out your competition.

Heck, it doesn’t even involve getting “cheaper clicks”.

“Okay cut the bullshit. And tell me how to goddamn end this nightmare!”

*clears throat*


Well what you need is…

Most People Shoot The Messenger When They Should Be Making Love To Them!

And never calls in sick or takes holidays…

Or never goes to work for a competitor.

This person goes by….

First name: Landing.
Last name: Page.

Yep, a good ol’ high-converting landing page is like a sexy well-dressed super-powered salesperson.

And, if you set it up right the first time around, it will work for you day and night to bring in emails, leads and even sales.

Here’s what one of these puppies looks like:

Some Landing Pages We've Hand-Crafted That Convert Like Crazy


What If There Was A Better Way?

Why Spend Thousands Of Dollars And Countless Hours 'Testing' Things That Might Work When You Can Simply "Copy & Paste" What Is Currently Working?

Look, we’ve spent well over $50 million dollars on generating traffic, in over 416 different industries and niches.

And we’ve used this $50 million to generate our clients $1.33 Billion dollars (that’s billion with a B) in sales.

We’ve run thousands of scientific experiments to really figure out what works and what doesn’t.

So you could try and figure this all out by yourself.

Pulling your hair out and dealing with the never-ending shit storm of rising ad costs, poor conversion rates, and an income that’s a feast one month and a famine the next.

Or you could simply get our entire “selling system”.

Our roadmap for success.

Plus every tip, hack, technique, unfair advantage, secret…and everything that’s currently working right now in 2023.

Listen, there’s no dignity in struggling if you can find a better way to succeed.

‘shortcut’ and ‘hack’ to get you results faster. Much faster.

But if this wasn’t enough…

I’m now going to send your greed glands into overdrive!

By making you an offer which would be difficult for any sane business owner to refuse…

And that is…

WARNING: We Reserve The Right To REVOKE This Offer At Any Time

We Guarantee To Beat Your Best Landing Page Or You Won’t Pay Us A Single Cent!

Does this offer excite you? Interested in putting us to the test?

Hold on there, tiger…not so fast.

Gotta back up a little first.

Because this is not for everybody.

There are three important factors which must exist before you should even think about applying for this opportunity:



You must already be running ads on either Google or Facebook, and they must be running profitably This opportunity isn’t for newbies or businesses that aren’t already advertising online. (If you want us to create a funnel and ads from scratch – you can see if you qualify

You must be willing to let us create ads we think will sell. Listen, since we’re doing this all on our own dime…Frankly, we don’t care what you, your business partner, your spouse, your friends or Snow White and the seven dwarfs think about our work.Except for checking the ads for your legal and factual approval – we’ll hold all creative control. Because, if an ad isn’t ours – we can’t guarantee its success.


You must not be selling anything even remotely shady, illegal, scammy, dangerous or in any way be involved in multi-level marketing. That’s it.Does this opportunity interest you? Do you meet the above qualifications? If so, go here and book in a 30-minute strategy session with our team to see if we’d be a good fit.

Claim Your Free 30-Minute Strategy Session

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4.5 stars out of 383 reviews


Look, this is the closest you’ll ever get to someone giving you free money.

Because, what all this means is, if we fail (very unlikely) to beat your current landing page, you won’t owe us a single red cent.

Think about it, you pay…

NO set-up fees!

NO copywriting fees!
NO design fees!
No development fees!
No unicorn catching fees! (had to check I still have your attention)
In fact, you pay us nothing!

And guess what else? If we do beat your current landing page (highly likely) you’ll still not be out of any money…

Because every dollar you pay us will come from the EXTRA sales you wouldn’t have made unless we created our new landing page for you!

Why are we making such an offer?

Well, It’s very simple…

Only the Gods, tigers, and immortals have tiger blood


But seriously…

We practice what we preach and make offers so good only a lunatic could refuse!

This is a key ingredient to sky high conversion rates!

Now, you’re still here with me – reading this, so what to do next…

Go Here and book in a 30-minute strategy session with my team to see if we’d be a good fit.

Claim Your Free 30-Minute Strategy Session

Be quick! FREE spots are almost gone for September


4.5 stars out of 383 reviews

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